Approved by the Spanish Ministry of the Interior in 2006, the Andalusian Solidarity Development Association (ASADis a Spanish non-profit, non-governmental organisation for development (NGO-D). Initiated in November of 2005 by a handful of experts from the city of Granada with a vast experience in developing countries who decided to pull together as a team, ASAD launches numerous cooperation and awareness-raising activities to support most vulnerable people in their way to development. ASAD also carries out educational activities both in the North, aiming to raise society awareness of surrounding injustice, and in the South, aiming to promote leadership to help citizens to change unfair local structures.

By optimizing human, material, technical and economic resources, ASAD aims to change basic structures that hinder communities’ self-management and development according to their own principles and values. Although ASAD headquarters are located in Granada, Spain, its activities are carried out in several African, Asian and Latin-American countries.


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