About us

solasadAsociación Solidaria Andaluza de Desarrollo (ASAD) is a Spanish non profit non governmental organisation for development. Initiated in November of 2005 by a handful of experts from the city of Granada with a vast experience in developing countries who decided to pull together as a team, ASAD launches numerous cooperation and awareness-raising activities to support most vulnerable people in their way to development.

By optimizing human, material, technical and economic resources, ASAD aims to change basic structures that hinder communities’ self-management and development according to their own principles and values. Although ASAD headquarters are located in Granada (Spain), its activities are carried out in several African, Asian and Latin-American countries.

1. Mission

ASAD aims to struggle against structural causes of poverty by promoting human rights. To that end, ASAD carries out community empowerment projects that help targeted communities to achieve endogenous development. Furthermore, ASAD works hard to empower Spanish civil society by developing a full range of programs in the area of education for development.

2. Vision

ASAD helps to create real and positive changes in society through international cooperation, communication and education for development, awareness-raising and social action. ASAD hires cooperation experts, promotes expert training and voluntary work among civil society and put ASAD values and principles into practice to the extent possible.

3. Values

We believe in Justice as a universal core value to promote human development and dignity in the full exercise of any and all human rights.

We believe in Solidarity that helps us to take responsibility for the situation of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people and inspires us to transform reality, as well as to support and promote other communities’ empowerment and mobilization processes.

We believe in Participation of all individual and groups in social change processes, raising the value of targeted peoples’ local knowledge and building equal relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

We believe in Integrity, understood as the fundamental right of all human beings to live in appropriate conditions enabling individual and collective development.

We believe in Equity as a starting point not only to achieve equality and social justice but also to struggle against discrimination and exclusion.

We believe in Diversity as part of world’s human heritage and as an essential element in human fulfillment.

We believe in Peace as an essential value for safeguarding human development and human rights, understanding peace as a holistic condition of harmony with oneself, with the community, with other communities, groups and nations and with nature.

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