As the saying goes, there is strength in numbers. ASAD has always sought to collaborate with others entities with similar purposes because we are aware of the fact that we reach out by joining efforts and optimizing resources.

The close relationship between ASAD and Spanish local institutions and associations strengthens ASAD’s bond with closer realities and enables ASAD’s participation in initiatives and processes that take place in the neighborhood.

ASAD is an active part of the following initiatives:


ASAD is part of the NGOD Coordinating Committee of Granada, collaborating with local organisations to launch campaigns such us Pobreza Cero (Zero Poverty) and participating actively in the working groups of education for development and communication.



logo caong malo

ASAD is also an active participant in the Andalusian NGOD Coordinating Committee, which brings together numerous third-sector organisations of Andalusia. It is a recognized representative dedicated to safeguarding the interests of social entities.




Committed to promote economic alternatives, ASAD is part of the Mercao Social y Cultural of Granada, a marketplace of locally grown organic products in which several cultural and awareness-raising activities take place.




The andalusian organisation Foro andaluz de Comunicación, Ciudadanía y Educación is becoming a solid representative to have a bearing on audiovisual policies in Andalusia. The organisation promotes citizens’ right to communication and the right to information

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