Our team

ASAD is a large organization composed of the Board of Directors ‒consisting mainly of the founding members‒ cooperation experts, volunteers and people who work for the organization on a temporary or permanent basis.

Board members

Ignacio Tamayo, responsible for development cooperation
Ignacio Ruiz, responsible for social action
Leo Gutiérrez, responsible for the area of education for development
Adolfo Gally, responsible for administration and human resources
Xènia Domínguez, in-house coordinator 
Jerónimo González, responsible for legal affairs
Óscar Martínez, responsible for the area of communication for development
José A. Pascual, responsible for the area of culture and development

Staff in charge of international cooperation, communication and education for development

Ana Bueno, responsible for gender affairs 
Eduardo González, Guinea Bissau coordinator
Alessandro Carriero, Dominican Republic focal point, development consultant
Pau Cirre, audiovisual technician, computer assistant, web manager
Ignacio Wilhemi, responsible for communication
Judith Talvy, development consultant
Aitana Sánchez, development consultant
Sofía García, communication consultant 
Teresa Cruz, editor and designer
María Teresa Sánchez, text reviewer and editor, translator
Francisco Pascual, playwright, script writer and actor (Culture and Development) 
Carmen Vílchez, choreographer and educator (Culture and Development) 
Cecilio Puertas, photographer (Culture and Development) 
Chema Burgaleta, educator (Education for Development) 
Llenalia García, statistics expert
María Collado, journalist
Wendy Parrilla, journalist

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