Cape Verde

Completed Projects in Cape Verde

Fortification of Community Radios on the Island of Santiago

This project’s objective is to strengthen and coordinate the community radios of Santiago in order to improve their ability to communicate with and inform the civil society. To this end, the project includes training modules in management and planning of community radios.

Strengthening the Capacities of the Community Radio Voz Ponta d’Agua

The project’s objective is to improve the integration of young people in the job market and to promote the self-sustainability and diffusion of Radio Voz Ponta d’Agua, on the island of Santiago, through building up the technical and professional capacities of the Radio’s team.


Kontinuasom is a movie co-produced in Spain and Cape Verde that talks about the harsh process of the African diaspora in search of new opportunities. The migration of the cultural sector, and the problem of talent flight, are told in documentary form through Cape Verdean music, from the most contemporary down to the traditional music reminiscent of the Buena Vista Social Club

Training in Sociocultural Animation in Praia and Mindelo

The following initiative has the goal of building the capacities of young volunteers in Cape Verdean NGOs that work with children on the islands of Santiago and San Vicente, through training instructors in sociocultural animation.

Support in Project Formulation for the Asociación Caboverdiana de Deficientes

The following initiative has the objective of strengthening the human capital of the Asociación Caboverdiana de Deficientes (ACD) through support in the formulation and subsequent presentation of a project to different institutions.

Training for Workers at the Crisanto Lopes Shelter House in Mindelo

The following initiative has as its objective building up the human capital of the Crisanto Lopes House in Mindelo, on the island of San Vicente, through training in tools such as monitoring and free time.