Completed Projects in Guatemala

Technical training and entrepreneurship for young people in the municipality of Patzún

The project aims to train young people in the municipality of Patzún in specific professional areas (carpentry, metals, cooking and sewing) to open new future employment opportunities, different from current options, related exclusively to work in agriculture, increasingly saturated. For this, in addition to the above, training will also be offered on entrepreneurs, business start-ups and small business initiatives.

Access to basic generic medicines for the indigenous population of Patzún

The project aimed to promote access to basic generic drugs for the population of the Municipality of Patzún through the launch of a pharmacy with quality drugs at a fair and affordable price. To this end, the project included a study of the epistemological profile of the area for the purchase of the necessary medicines and the strengthening of the capacities of the existing human resources in the Renaissance Association: a doctor and a nurse.

Strengthening health in 20 rural communities in the municipality of Patzún

This project strengthened the infrastructures and the quality of the primary health care and basic sanitation services in the municipality of Patzún, in Guatemala. Special emphasis was placed on the maternal and child population, which is the most vulnerable in situations of poverty. In the health area, the project offered a service focused on primary care, especially the most vulnerable group, children under the age of five and women of reproductive age. In basic sanitation, through the construction of latrines, housing conditions, hygiene, excreta management and environmental contamination were improved.