Guinea Bissau

Active Projects in Guinea-Bissau

Food Sovereignty

This project aims to increase food sovereignty in the northern region of the Bijagós Islands through the social and economic empowerment of rural women and by supporting strategic players who are working in the area.

Completed Projects in Guinea-Bissau

Improvement of Social and Educational Conditions

This development cooperation effort hopes to create an inclusive and high-quality secondary education by encouraging the participation of the whole educational community, in one of the most remote and isolated regions of Guinea-Bissau.

Sustainable Entrepreneurship Initiatives

The project Promotion of Sustainable Entrepreneurship Initiatives in Bubaque Island hopes to contribute to the sustainable socioeconomic strengthening of the most disfavored sectors of Bijagós society through the development of entrepreneurial skills, with equal opportunities for women and men.

Community Multimedia Center with a focus on gender equality

The project Creation and strengthening of a Community Multimedia Center with a focus on gender equality in Bubaque Island has the objective of improving access to the right to communication, with equal opportunities for men and women, by supporting the Djan-Djan Community Radio with new information and communications technology.

Community Development Center

This project hopes to support the Djan-Djan Community Radio and offer new possibilities to the radio’s listeners and the population of the archipelago through the construction of a Community Cultural and Social Development Center with a multifunctional room to conduct training, meetings, conferences, workshops, etc.

Construction of a School on Bubaque Island

This project’s objective is to improve the educational infrastructure of the community of Ancamona on Bubaque Island through the construction of a school. Additionally, the project will contribute to improving sanitary conditions through the construction of latrines and the fortification of the community water well.

Training Agreement Between the University of Granada and the Hospital Marcelino Banca

The initiative’s objective is to build up human and technical resources at the Hospital Marcelino Banca on Bubaque Island through the internships of three volunteers from the University of Granada School of Medicine and the donation of basic medical supplies.

Strengthening the Capacities of the Djan-Djan Community Radio

The purpose of the project is to build up Djan-Djan Community Radio’s technical capacities and its team’s professional abilities in order to improve its journalistic quality and media coverage. This will enable Djan-Djan to continue acting as a dynamic community center and further its work in communication, awareness-raising, and training that is fundamental for the population of the archipelago.